We like to inform you about new Products and services. A competent and extensively advice are our strong points. We continue to educate ourselves over our products to show you the advantages.

Project planning

Planning, co-ordination and realization all this is our business. Successful project planning is our goal, so that the realization of your project is triumphant.


Every good product needs an excellent Installation! We will gladly take care and look after the scheduling, installation and the relocation of the products.


Relax - We care and look for your System and maintenance so that they can absolve a smoothly duty. We check your system regularly and we can give you a warning before a precipitation.


New products need to undergo a development! There is a team that is continuously developing new technologies, updates older products or program and provide customer-specific systems.

Content Maintenance

We are licensed to offer the newest movies from Hollywood – Studious as Universal, Paramount, Dreamworks and playboy TV. At the same time we can integrate worldwide digital transmitter into your infrastructure.

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