WLAN Ethernet

WLAN via Ethernet

Network cable is one of the standards for connectivity of an access points and network environment. By means of a network cable (8pin) the data are transferred with a maximal speed of 1GB par second. The stability and performance are the main reasons to use a network cable. Furthermore the Power of the antenna can be transferred via a LAN or Ethernet cable (PoE-Power over Ethernet).

The advantage in this is, there is no extra power connection needed. The cable length is limited by 100m and a cabling must take place always from point to point. This caused higher costs. As well every cable must be separate patched and plugged in. This spreading happens via switch.
The cable as mentioned before offers some advantages. But before it can go off the cable must be pulled. Of course we can do this task for you.

In a Hotspot installation we handle the antennas via the network cable. We place the antennas as good as possible for best reception. For example corridors, the ceiling or the floor.


  • Meist wenige Access Points notwendig
  • Geschwindigkeit bis 1GBs
  • PoE Versorgung der Geräte
  • Ausfallsicherheit (Punkt zu Punkt)
  • Controller basiert möglich
  • Alle Netzwerkfeatures unterstützt

Zu beachten

  • Begrenzter Radius da zentrale Lage
  • Kabeleinzug notwendig
  • Muss sternförmig installiert werden
  • Benötigt für jedes Kabel einen Switch Port
  • Eventuell reduzierte Optik da Aufputz Installation
  • Manipulierbar da Aufputz Installation
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