Infotainment smartupTV

Turn your Hotel TV or Consumer TV into an interactive equipment. SmartupTV allows you to update your hotel rooms with the latest level of technology and to entertain your guests. Create your own APPs, upload pdfs, Videos or build your personal contents. On the basis of the online smartupTV Portal you can configure all boxes at once, send messages and you will see the current status of your equipment.

Everything under control with keyboard & motion detector

With the brilliant remote control you can control TVs and at the same time your smartupTV box. You can operate interactively with the Gyro Sensor on your remote control

If you move your hand the Cursor will move too. This innovative function makes browsing even more enjoyable and interactive. With the keyboard on the back of the remote control you are quick ready to browse, chat or google.

Own contents and additional revenue opportunities

As an hotelier you can upload your own contents or inform the guest about special Hotel offers. This you can do comfortably and central from one internet- browser location. You can send messages to one device or all simultaneously. If you want to offer this service with costs or without is up to you.

In any case smartupTV is an enhancement for you. It gives you extra earning opportunities. Put a link from your partner companies on your Smart – TV for a fee.

Quickly installed with LAN/WLAN

Smartupbox uses the existing LAN /WLAN network and is easily to manage without expertise. If you use your smartupbox via a LAN connection you automatically make available a WLAN -Access point for your guests. Smartupbox expand your LAN into a WLAN.

Full control due to online Portal

You can control and manage the contents easily from every Internet-enabled workplace. Only four steps are needed to configure the boxes. Create and change your own Layout at any time. With one click all the boxes can be upgraded. You can save costs through your own management.

Download and create your own APPs

SmartupTV Portal has their own independently APP database. Download APPs or create your own. You can link them to your website, menu card (pdf) or video.

Decide for one of the smart Designs. Everything at a glance with „Full screen Design“ or „Folder Design“. You can make available over 100 APPs.

4 more brilliant functions


Use the optional possibility to connect the smartup Box on your Front office System. With this function you can greet your guests individually and design customized layouts.


Offer your guest a direct ordering channel via the smartup Box. With this APP they can order drinks, food and other articles direct into their hotel room.


Internet Protocol Television is the future! SmartupTV can bring television via internet on the TV.


Transfer contents direct from your Smartphones or Tablets to smartupTV. Connect with your box and enjoy moves, music and much more.

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Hier finden sie Manuals zum einfachen einfachen Einstieg in die smartupTV Welt:

Konfigurieren sie smartupTV Infotainment ganz einfach über das Onlineportal. Starten sie mit einem Layout und beginnen Sie dieses zu modelieren.