Interactive Tablet for hotel and clinic

All applications always grifbereit with our interactive tablets. Give your guests the information about the company directly in his hands and allow them as a multimedia discovery tour. All apps from the App Store are available on-site including all features of the proven smartupTV.

Your customers enjoy all advantages of the internet right in the room. Access to interesting apps and a huge range of services, information and entertainment. Chatting, surfing, shopping - all easily accessible via the tablet. Take public Internet services as timetable information, announcements, TV program magazines, news magazines, maps / navigation or meteorological services. Boundless Entertainment guarantee interactive apps like news, games or multimedia applications in its own App Store.

Make your own content and their own apps ready or inform about special offers. Here manage and control the messages centrally and easily from a single location on your Internet browser. Upload PDFs or videos on the tablet and create your own small websites directly and quickly. Ask layout your guests and clients in 6 different languages.

The control and management of the content you do from the comfort of any web-enabled workstation on your browser. You send messages to individual tablets or to all simultaneously. In smartupTV Portal also carried out the central monitoring of your tablets. The individual communication with each tablet takes place via the Internet. Each time you enter the state or state and can manage them via the Internet.

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Display RSS Feeds
• Messages sent directly to the tablet
"Inordering" orders directly from the tablet *
Bill view of the customer *

* For this function (s) it needs further products and interfaces

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Hier finden sie Manuals zum einfachen einfachen Einstieg in die smartupTV Welt:

Konfigurieren sie smartupTV Infotainment ganz einfach über das Onlineportal. Starten sie mit einem Layout und beginnen Sie dieses zu modelieren.