Clinic TV
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Klinik TV

You have a clinic and you want to do Free TV with costs? For that reason is smartsattv the right thing for you. We energize through smartsattv server digital sender into your coax or IP net.

What is the clou? You don’t need any other hardware in the rooms and its function with almost every equipment. This solution is available for to buy, rent or operator Modell.

  • Support for up to 16 tuners
  • Up to 6 CAM Module
  • Support for multiswitches
  • Issuing up to 10 collocated transponders (80 MHz)
  • Output via DVB-C and optionally also via IP
  • Combination of DVB-C and IP signals
  • Support QAM 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256
  • Optional connection of a movie server to provide PayTV films
  • Real-time status display for signal strength of each tuner
  • Support for multiple satellites simultaneously (DiSEqC)
  • Receive email alerts when signal interference
  • SPTS - Streaming
  • Integrating own hospital information Videos
  • Digital EPG with channel list and program information for the current and the subsequent program
  • Activation of individual TV channels via web interface
  • Optional: Settlement of individual TV channels via Internet and maxxarena Ticket
  • Combination of free and billable channels
  • Individual channels can be bundled into program packages
  • View all Tuner
  • Start / Stop Individual Tuner
    Start / stop the server
  • Upload own mpeg2 video
  • Import / Export of backups
  • If you change transponders transponders & stations are automatically updated on the server. It must be  reprogrammed no TV device.
  • Automatic EPG channel list update with transponder changes

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