Brief description

Ondamedia is an international provider of digital entertainment- and communications solutions for hotels, clinics and closed use groups. Our customized installations makes available service-oriented communication system for hotels and clinics.

At the same time we are developing for our Business partners special software- and hardware solutions for digital transmission of media.


New ideas and wishes give rise for new products. We offer our customers high-quality products and services for high customer satisfaction.

Every customer regardless of the size has our above-average commitment. We are building on our references and we pursuing constant growth by means of their requirements.

Our Focus

  • Fundamental competitiveness
  • Fast Adaptation to market needs
  • Leadership in technology know-how
  • complete solution package
  • stability in Supply Chain Management
  • national/international orientation

Our Goals

We want to grow together with our customers. Every realization of a project brings new partnerships and sustainable solutions.

Keep the ball - that is the focus of our research and development department. This is why we are investing and promote in this sector.

Our benefits

  • Professional and personal advice and service
  • extensive technical expertise and longstanding operating experience
  • short decision-making processes
  • development of creative solutions
  • flexibility - creating solutions that suit best the client's needs
  • large customer base
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